“Jerry Maguire” Leigh Steinberg thoughts re: LA Rams Super Bowl LVI victory

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California Sports Hall of Fame inductee

Whether it was his upbringing or the way he was wired before birth, Leigh Steinberg is certainly someone worth getting to know. To be honest, when I was first contacted about the opportunity to conduct the interview, I was a bit apprehensive. He’s been interviewed by an entire gamut of talk show hosts, all of whom had weeks to prepare and an entire staff of researchers to target those specific areas to make an interview go smoothly.

I had none of those resources, but I did manage to identify and view a video summarizing his career to commemorate his induction into the California Sports Hall of Fame. Leigh Steinberg had not only found success, but he found success twice in his life.

Leigh Steinberg has impacted the NFL in ways that would take a book of its own to explain in detail. But through all of his initiatives, his endless source of energy, his ability to assess a room full of people, he is and perhaps always will be an LA Rams fan at heart. And yet, he has that perspective of duality, the uncanny ability to see the Rams as any other fan.

And he also throws one helluva Super Bowl party as the video below illustrates.

But he is part of ‘the biz’ too. And so, he blends a unique and perhaps unduplicatable angle of view of the LA Rams that sees the inner workings as well as the exterior. He once fought to keep the LA Rams in Los Angeles, and fought hard. Initially, it appeared as though he and his “Save the Rams” committee were victorious. But he learned soon afterward that the team was relocating to St. Louis, Missouri.

That never diminished his enthusiasm for cheering for the team. So after their first Super Bowl victory for the city of Los Angeles, California, who better to discuss what it all means for the Rams and LA?