“Jerry Maguire” Leigh Steinberg thoughts re: LA Rams Super Bowl LVI victory

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The interview (continued)

Ramblin Fan: There have been some headlines in the news recently over how the Rams home games at SoFi Stadium have been taken over by visiting fans. Do you see that as temporary? Or do you believe this is something that the LA Rams will simply need to be prepared to face for many years to come?

Leigh Steinberg: There will always be transplants from other NFL fan bases.  Fans from other NFL teams will often be willing to pay huge premiums to watch their team. LA Rams fans, season ticket holders, will be happy to make a hefty sum to sell a ticket for one game.  Those fans, with just one opportunity to see their team play in Los Angeles, will be willing to outbid for that one game.

Don’t view that (Week 18 invasion by 49ers fans) as a trend, as there is certainly a degree of that in stadiums around the country. Over time, Rams fans will gradually begin to outnumber visitors, no matter who is playing at SoFi Stadium

Ramblin Fan: Your life has been the inspiration for the best seller and hit movie: Jerry Macguire. You are a published author of the 1998 best-seller “Winning with Integrity”,  the Chairman of Steinberg Sports and Entertainment, a premier Sports Agent, but you flourish in one of the most competitive industries possible. How do you wake up to face each new day and embrace the new challenges/opportunities that await you?

Leigh Steinberg: My dad raised my brothers and me to nurture our relations, that means with our parents, with our children, with our spouses, and with our friends. He also taught us to try to make a meaningful difference in our communities, to provide a means of sustaining those who have not been dealt easy paths to walk.

Warrick Dunn, a former star running back of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Atlanta Falcons, just helped the 200th single mother into the first home she will ever own. That came to be as we encourage our clients to create charitable foundations to solve issues that are close to their hearts.

It requires asking oneself: ‘How can I nurture my relationships to be a good father, son, or partner’ and then taking oneself: How can I heal the world around me?’. Those answers can lead you to get involved in many things, but you will find your passion in the process.

Ramblin Fan: You currently represent a number of NFL players, including LA Rams running backs Darrell Henderson Jr and Jake Funk, and cornerback Blake Countess. Just how crazy does life get for a sports agent after the NFL season ends? Do inquiries arrive at all hours of the day and night? Or do you have the benefit of off-hours?

Leigh SteinbergEveryone needs to have a balance to successfully raise three children. So it comes down to finding the right mix in your life. Of course, you set boundaries and handle what you must during that time. Do the imperative. But you must also realize that you are just one human being. So train superstars and surround yourself with them so that they can handle part of the burden. Work smarter, not harder. And don’t try to do everything yourself.

Our allotted time for the interview had elapsed, and Mr. Steinberg excused himself so that he could take another phone call. In the end, our short interview had left me with a bit more optimism about the