LA Rams: 2022 pre-combine Mock Draft

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LA Rams Draft Kellen Die
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With the 103rd pick

of the 2022 NFL Draft, the LA Rams select Kellen Diesch, an offensive tackle from Arizona State University…

Arizona State. KellenDiesch. 854. Scouting Report I. Scouting Report II. OT. 103. player

In an ideal world, this pick would be Rasheed Walker out of Penn State, but the draft is not always ideal. Walker’s stock is climbing, but so is Kellen Diesch‘s stock. At 6-foot-7 and 300-pounds, Diesch is a mountain of a man with the potential to be a franchise left tackle.

Early in his career, Diesch could try his hand at right tackle, an oversized guard, or most likely a swing tackle since he is still a raw player. Diesch only played left tackle at Arizona State for two years and only started one entire season.

The lack of playing time at the collegiate level contributes to how raw a prospect he is, but he plays like a professional left tackle. A left tackle with pro-technique and a pro-frame is hard to find at the end of the third round.

Diesch’s lack of playing time and muscle are the most significant reasons he projects to be available at this position. His other flaw is his lack of arm length, with his arms especially short for an NFL tackle.

However, his most significant flaws are fixable by getting him in an NFL weight room and training camp. If Diesch puts on twenty to thirty pounds of NFL muscle in his first few years, he may start to look like a short-armed Andrew Whitworth.

Those are lofty expectations to put on a potential third-round pick, but Diesch has shown the ability to quickly develop when given a chance.

It also helps that his strength is in pass sets, which the LA Rams offense uses most of the time. If forced into a starting role in 2022, Diesch is a talented enough pass-protector to keep Matthew Stafford upright.

Kellen Diesch is the quintessential prospect for a LA Rams team that could see an offensive line overhaul for the 2022 season.