LA Rams: 2022 pre-combine Mock Draft

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Jaivon Heiligh
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With the 213th pick

of the 2022 NFL Draft, the LA Rams select Jaivon Heiligh, wide receiver, from Coastal Carolina

Jaivon Heiligh should be a much more high-profile prospect, but Coastal Carolina did not get the same attention as last year during their undefeated streak. Jaivon Heiligh took a more prominent role in the game plan but saw his touchdowns decline.

The 6-foot-2, 200-pound wide receiver found was to contribute for the Chantecliers in 2022 by adding punt returning and kick returning to his game. If the Rams add Josh Blackwell, they will not need Heiligh as a returner, but having the skills does not hurt.

The two negatives on Javion Heiligh are inconsistency and the caliber of competition in the Sun Belt. The inconsistency shows up in the fact that he has evaluations from the third round to the sixth round of the NFL Draft.

If Heiligh is available at this point in the sixth round, the pick is a slam dunk for the LA Rams. The first four picks hit positions of need, so this pick can afford to be the best player available.

Jaivon Heiligh’s build and skill set is reminiscent of a rookie Cooper Kupp. While his reaching the level is beyond ambitious, there is the outside chance it happens.

The ability to run clean routes and get open is invaluable in the NFL, so if Heiligh can translate that ability into the pros, he can succeed in the league.

When watching him play in college, he got open extremely open against even the competent corners he faced. The Coastal Carolina offense limits how much Heiligh could stand out, but he made the most of his opportunities.

In an offense likely to lose Odell Beckham Jr. but regains Robert Woods, Heiligh can step into the role intended for OBJ last season, assuming Heiligh falls this far in the draft.