LA Rams reportedly hiring new coach. But for which position?

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Are the LA Rams playing hardball to re-sign veteran free agent outside linebacker Von Miller? Why not? After all, the Rams have every reason to believe that retaining veteran outside linebacker Von Miller is a necessary ingredient for their Super Bowl success secret sauce. Since the Rams had added Miller to the mix midway through the 2021 season, the Rams’ defense was an entirely different beast.

The Rams would love nothing better than to entice Miller to remain with the team. But they also know that the circumstances of his arrival, being traded to another team, has been a bit unsettling way of making introductions. So it makes sense for the LA Rams to try and make the organization more familiar and friendly to Von Miller as rapidly as they can.

Adding a member of his former team’s coaching staff makes absolutely perfect sense. Now, which coaching role will he fill?  Per initial reports, the LA Rams are hiring former Broncos’ assistant coach Chris Beake to become the team’s new linebacker coach. The only problem? The Rams already have a linebacker’s coach named Chris Shula.

Well, there are some explanations that could sort out this mystery

What will Chris Beake do for the Rams?

The original report suggests that Beake will be the Rams linebackers coach. Of course, with so many coaches signing with other teams for promotions, that could mean that the team has plans to expand Chris Shula’s role with the defense, and Beake will be hired to fill Shula’s vacated role.

Beake’s career has spanned 23 NFL seasons, and over that time he has been quite active on both sides of the football. Although the report suggests that he will be the linebackers coach for the Rams, he could actively fill a wide number of known vacancies in the Rams coaching staff. The previous association with Von Miller may have led to the conclusion that he will coach Von Miller in his new role for the Rams, but nothing has been officially confirmed by the team.

Beake, however he will be employed by the Rams, will bring a host of NFL coaching experience and a new perspective. As the LA Rams continue to succeed and lose coaches to other NFL teams, the team has been very successful in finding replacements who seem to pick up where their predecessors left off. Beake appears, on paper, to be someone who is quite capable of doing exactly that for the Rams in 2022.

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