Detente: Kyler Murray refused to finish Wildcard loss vs. LA Rams

Mandatory Credit: Michael Chow-Arizona Republic Nfc Wild Card Playoff Cardinals Vs Rams
Mandatory Credit: Michael Chow-Arizona Republic Nfc Wild Card Playoff Cardinals Vs Rams /
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If you’ve been wondering what is going on behind the scenes with the LA Rams NFC West rival, the Arizona Cardinals, we’re starting to get a picture of what could be an ever-deepening fissure between the team and their starting quarterback.  You know, the Rams have been a very formidable opponent for the Cardinals. So formidable, in fact, that it appears that their dual-threat quarterback Kyler Murray is livid enough with the team to remove all reference to them on his social media accounts.

At first, I suspected it was simply a power-play to force the Cardinals to the negotiation table to get Murray off a very inexpensive rookie contract and get him on a deal that pays him what he believes to be his fair market value (hint: a lot more). But reports have surfaced after that to suggest that the difference of opinion is not entirely financial in nature.

NFL Network’s Mike Grafaolo levels very damning allegations against Murray, reported from a team source, that the team is displeased with the quarterback. It seems that in the waning minutes of the game, a game that was completely out of hand from the Cardinals perspective, he refused to take the field with his teammates to finish out the game against the LA Rams:

And then, this has hit the streets on social media, per ESPN’s Chris Mortenson. This is a very pointed, almost ‘we are about to part ways with the guy’ type of narrative that is leaked when a team is incredibly unhappy with a player. Could that be what is taking place behind the scenes with the Arizona Cardinals?

What business is this to the LA Rams?

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Well, for multiple reasons. Right now, he is a quarterback that the LA Rams will face twice a season. Second of all, he is a mobile quarterback and was very likely one of the main reasons that the Rams front office shopped for and acquired veteran outside linebacker Von Miller.