LA Rams DL dominates in SB LVI, Coach Eric Henderson extended

Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

When it comes to the LA Rams coaching staff, it seems that the entire NFL waits for the LA Rams season to finish. Then, like circling buzzards, they alight and begin to pull apart the key coaches from the staff, lure the players with expired contracts away with huge sacks of cash and hope that somehow that the clippings from the Rams organization will graft into their own and lead them to success.

So far, it has for many organizations. Well, for the coaching at least. After all, the best of the NFL can trace their roots back to LA Rams head coach Sean McVay’s coaching tree, and that tree is one of the fastest-growing trees in the NFL.

There is head coach Matt LeFleur, who coached the Green Bay Packers to an NFL-best 13-4 record. There is head coach Zac Taylor, who coached the Cincinnati Bengals from a 4-11-1 record to a 10-7 record and represent the AFC in Super Bowl LVI. Then there is head coach Brandon Staley, who led the Los Angeles Chargers from 7-9 to 9-8 in his first season.

Coach Eric Henderson had his players ready to rock

So perhaps it becomes more newsworthy when the LA Rams retain a key positional coach. Right now, I would assert that the Rams defensive line, coached by Defensive Line Coach Eric Henderson, is one of those units that continued to improve significantly as the season wore on. And after another incredible season, and postseason, behind them. Per ESPN, the LA Rams were tops in the NFL with a team pass win rate of 53 percent and were also tops in the league with a run stop win rate of 35 percent.

While that was good, Coach Henny clearly had his guys saving the best for last.

One of the biggest concerns this offseason was that the LA Rams risked losing Coach Henderson,  either to another NFL team or to an NCAA football program planning to use his infectious personality to help in recruiting. Early rumors broke and were later confirmed with follow-up reports,  that  Coach Henny was one of the coaches targeted in searches to fill a role in new teams, which let a bit of air out of my sails.  Coach Henderson is cut from a different, sturdier cord of wood. He emphasizes hard work and playing as a unit on the football field.

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Coach Eric Henderson extended

While it has not yet been reported, my sources who are very close to the situation with the LA Rams organization and are in a position of knowing this information have informed me that the LA Rams have extended Coach Eric Henderson. Not only will he be back, but he has gotten a nice salary bump to return. In fact, the LA Rams extension will make Coach Henny one of the highest-paid DL coaches in football.

That is excellent news.

Perhaps you think that it’s an easy task to coach a defensive line that includes Aaron Donald. But that is not necessarily the case. His work with veteran A’Shawn Robinson, who turned into one of the best 4i defensive ends in the NFL, and Greg Gaines, who has arguably become the best nose tackle in the NFL.

Now Coach Henny will have a chance to coach that same group again. Of course, he will have to replace his assistant DL Coach Marcus Dixon, who has taken the DL coaching role with the Denver Broncos.  Still, getting one of my favorite coaches back is very heartwarming.  That means that there will be no shortcuts, no easy paths. #Dawgwork is alive and well in the LA Rams organization. And now, finally, it has carried the team to become NFL Champions.

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