Hard hitting is in LA Rams defensive back Nick Scott’s DNA

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Patchwork for playoffs

The decision to give the starting nod to retired veteran Eric Weddle and seldom-used young defensive back Nick Scott was certainly a head-scratcher at the time. But the Rams organization has a pattern of falling in a pile of manure and coming out smelling like a rose. It simply seems that, when taken to the brink, the entire organization has a way of circling the wagons and fighting back with unexpected proficiency.

Scott was a two-time special teams captain for Penn State. The LA Rams love to add players who have been awarded leadership roles in collegiate football. It is a clear indication of solid character, a characteristic that seems to manifest the ability to step up and handle a crisis.  In this case, the Rams needed more than special teams’ play from Scott.

Sean McVay loves Scott

He responded in such a way that he blew away expectations.

"“You originally draft him out of Penn State with the visions of him being special teams player, and all he’s really shown is, ‘Hey, I’m a great football player that has the ability to contribute on special teams. When I get my ops on defense, I can be a really productive safety. He does an excellent job in the deep part of the field. He’s really closed out three games for us if you look at it. (He) closes out the Indianapolis game making a great tackle on the far sideline, ends up having the interception against Seattle, and then last week the interception (against Detroit). So he’s been the closer for us. He’s done a great job” – per LA Rams HC Sean McVay interview as cited by LA Rams reporter Stu Jackson"

Putting Scott into the lineup for each and every playoff game was a risk, and the LA Rams knew it. The challenge was that it was as eye-catching to opposing offensive coordinators as a bright Neon sign flashing in the dead of night. Offenses would test Scott, challenge him, throw their best and all to confuse, mismatch, and exploit the new guy on the defense.