Had LA Rams success made veteran NFL QBs red hot this off-season?

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Nothing new under the sun, with an LA Rams wrinkle

The LA Rams were not the first team to embrace the theory that a seasoned NFL veteran quarterback can be the difference-maker. We witnessed the Denver Broncos do so with veteran quarterback Peyton Manning. We witnessed the Tampa Bay Buccaneers do so with veteran quarterback Tom Brady.  But in both scenarios, those veteran quarterbacks had won a Super Bowl before migrating on a new NFL team.

The LA Rams infused a new wrinkle to the formula. What the LA Rams did was take a very talented and success-starved veteran quarterback, acquire him at a premium price, and then retrofit the roster with Stafford-friendly types of players. It was a new strategy, a bold belief that the right arm talent in the right offensive system could create the synergy to win it all.

That untested hypothesis is not a proven theory. The Rams managed to take Stafford’s career post-season play, 0-3, on a 4-0 run to win Super Bowl LVI. If you don’t believe that other NFL teams sat up and took notice, you are missing a transformative era of NFL history.

Teams are no longer forced to seek the one or two veterans who had won a Super Bowl in their careers as the only avenue to success now. That has now placed the likes of Matt Ryan, Dak Prescott, and Lamar Jackson into the conversation of quarterbacks who could benefit from a change of scenery and still have a chance at winning a Super Bowl with their new team. As time rolls on, that list could grow.