Here are 5 LA Rams CBs to track at the NFL Scouting Combine

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DaMarcus Fields, Texas Tech - CB/S
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DaMarcus Fields, Texas Tech – CB/S

At the end of Texas Tech’s 2021 season, the team took on a “pumpjack mentality,” and the mentality fits with DaMarcus Fields and his style of play. Fields is a workhouse athlete at the cornerback position and presents intriguing possibilities at the NFL Scouting Combine.

As a Big-12 cornerback with five years of experience, he has seen plenty of game action and different wide receivers and coaches. He was at Texas Tech so long current Arizona Cardinals Head Coach Kliff Kingsbury was the head coach responsible for recruiting him to Texas Tech.

Fields is another zone cornerback with years of collegiate experience and leadership that should help him translate into a role on an NFL roster, even if it is not as an immediate starter on a team. He plays comfortably in his build and can easily fit in a role on special teams early on.

DaMarcus Fields is a cornerback with weaknesses at playing the ball in coverage and staying in man coverage, so there is some consideration in playing him at safety, but that is not something that teams have to do. Cornerbacks have been successful without excellent ball skills.

The LA Rams can utilize the skillset a player like Fields has, both as a member of the cornerback rotation and in a special teams role. The logic that the LA Rams brought to drafting Texas Tech’s Dakota Allen a few years ago can also apply to DaMarcus Fields.

DaMarcus Fields presents a quality late-round option for the LA Rams, or he could potentially fall out of the NFL Draft if nothing flashes during the NFL Scouting Combine or Texas Tech’s Pro Day.

Fields is a player to keep an eye on during the on-field drills portion of the NFL Scouting Combine because his flaws are in man coverage and his hands. He can improve his draft stock if he moves well during the drills and showcases better hands than people expect.