What new wrinkles are in store for LA Rams with OC Liam Coen hire?

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Strategic hire

Don’t look for instant miracles with Coen, since as much of his familiarity with the Rams offense, he will need to familiarize himself with quarterback Matthew Stafford. Of course, the Rams offense had migrated from a very effective rushing attack in 2020 to a very effective passing attack in 2021. The Rams may view the addition of Coen as simply a change in short-term offensive tactics. Perhaps, for lack of a better way to say it, as a way to jump-start the ground attack for 2022.

While that may be the case, this hire feels more strategic to me. It’s as though LA Rams head coach Sean McVay has accepted the annual poaching from his coaching staff, and has determined to add coaches to his staff who will benefit from multiple years from the mentoring of one of the hottest coaches in the NFL. So what does Coen think about the new opportunity with the LA Rams?

He seems eager to return, doesn’t he?

Mentor relationship may be the right direction to take

There are four levels of project management. Awareness, Knowledge, Skill, and Mastery. At the mastery level, the ability to instruct others becomes second nature. But it is not a broadcast, but rather a dialogue. The feedback involved in instruction spins the perspective of the idea and requires the justification of why? as part of the teaching. The need to recreate the why forces an even greater understanding of problem resolution and thereby improves the level of understanding to both instructor and pupil.

That is not to say that Coen will be a blank sheet for McVay to impress with his offensive teachings. Rather, look for Coen to assume, among his many duties, as a quality control component to the offense. In that role, look for him to self-scout the Rams to determine if the offense falls into predictable patterns.

I also would project that Coen, coming from the Kentucky offense, will have new and innovative ways for the LA Rams offense to make better use of their 12-personnel packages. I believe that with uncertainty flooding the organization over their offensive line and rushing attack as the team prepares for the 2022 NFL season, there will be a significant focus on augmenting the offense with two tight-ends.

All in all, I like the hire more than when I first heard about it. What the Rams do not get at offensive coordinator in experience and proven track record, they do get in communication, comprehension, and innovation. I look forward to the Rams’ offense in 2022. They ran quite a bit in 2020. They passed quite a bit in 2021. It seems as though the 2022 offense will be a nice balance between the two extremes.

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