Will LA Rams re-sign Von Miller? Flip a coin, as it’s likely 50/50

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Caveat Emptor?

Caveat Emptor? Nah. Not this time. The LA Rams knew and understood that Von Miller was the face of the Denver Broncos franchise and that he loved to play for them as much as they loved cheering for him. When the Rams traded for Miller, they had to be aware of two very significant challenges facing them. First of all, the trade forced Von Miller to play for the LA Rams. Since Miller was contractually bound to do so, he made the best of it.

But as soon as the news broke, and throughout his time with the Rams, he often alluded to the fact that he wanted to stay in Denver. From Von Miller’s perspective, he wanted to work through the challenges with the Denver Broncos. And he never stopped hinting at that desire to be in Denver Colorado.

The second challenge facing the LA Rams is the fact that they traded for Von Miller for the last eight games of the 2021 NFL season, plus any and all subsequent playoff games that the Rams would play. While the hope was to persuade Von Miller into thinking long-term deal with the Rams, the organization did not allow much time for Miller to fall in love with the Rams organization.

Job’s done, now FA market

Now that Von Miller has played out his contractual obligation, he has earned the opportunity to test the NFL Free Agency market. Right now, his market is red-hot.

For all intents and purposes, I’d be very cautious to give the LA Rams better than a 50/50 shot of re-signing Von Miller. Not only do the Rams do very poorly in a bidding war for a player, but Von Miller left his family in Denver, Colorado when he was traded to the Rams. That fact was hammered home when Miller declared:

"“I’ll always be a Denver Bronco forever. I’m just here working in L.A. (Rams) right now.” – Von Miller as quoted by Marca.com’s Marca English"

And it was that comment that steered me away from believing that the LA Rams were a lock to extend the veteran outside linebacker. That was made very clear when Von Miller himself said that he was open to fully exploring free agency.