Will LA Rams re-sign Von Miller? Flip a coin, as it’s likely 50/50

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LA Rams are still in the mix

Of course, the LA Rams are not going down without a fight. The team is content to trade for veterans to collect first-hand data and experience with that player. Then, after everyone is on board, the team can make a very educated and fairly-vetted offer for his services.

It was Von Miller’s resurgence to nearly his 2016 Super Bowl form on the Rams defense that has turned the market red-hot for the guy. But how much of his performance was his ability to return to his former self, and how much is about his lining up next to LA Rams Aaron Donald? For the LA Rams, it doesn’t matter. The LA Rams want him back because he fits the LA Rams defensive scheme like a glove.

But teams that believe they are close to Super Bowl contention will view Von Miller as a key to propelling them over the hump.

Rams face competition for Von Miller’s services

And the Rams were prepared for this moment, and have a couple of tricks up their sleeve to enable them to get a long-term or short-term deal for the guy. Of course, there must be mutual interest in his return, and right now, the ball is clearly in Von Miller’s court.

In truth, even after the LA Rams traded for Miller, the option to extend with the team or sign on elsewhere was always in Von Miller’s hands. There is not much else that the organization could have done for him. They won Super Bowl LVI with him. The team and fan base welcomed him with open arms. They set him up to succeed and gave him quality starts. To a veteran who now has two SB rings and no lack of cash, it’s about the quality of the organization and the amount of fun left playing.

As Miller says in this video link here, he loves to keep it light and have fun in the locker room. The Rams need someone to keep it light, to trigger laughter instead of the sounds of physical exertion. And the team is a very well-run organization. So you can expect that the Rams will score highly on both marks. He fit what the Rams needed and wanted. Now, can the organization convince Von Miller that the benefits are mutual? Perhaps.