Will LA Rams trade or use picks to restock 2022 roster?

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The LA Rams converted many of their allotted 2022 NFL Draft picks into 2021 veteran players who could help carry the team to a Super Bowl LVI victory. The strategy worked, but now the Rams fans must face an NFL Draft with one of the least exciting complements of draft picks in the modern era of the NFL.

With the 2022 NFL Draft quickly approaching, many fans are wondering what to look for out of the Rams front office in the upcoming draft. Before the draft arrives, many fans love to use online draft simulators, virtually becoming LA Rams general manager Les Snead.

While it can add a better perspective and appreciation of the arduous task of the team, some fans take a different path, centering the focus upon themselves as the expert, and profess to know what’s best for the team. As good as simulators become, they remain far cries from the actual task of creating trading situations or analyzing draft boards.

For the LA Rams, it is difficult to analyze what-if scenarios that may have taken place during the draft since the Rams have no picks on day one. The Rams have no top 100 picks and might consider making some trades for players to plug into the roster in exchange for their later-round picks.

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While it may not be the ideal situation, the truth is that the team will need to replenish the roster, sometimes with players who can compete for a starting role.  Since the Rams’ draft picks (7 of 8) fall on Day 3, the team will have only marginal success at finding starting talent that late. Look for some Rams’ trade rumors to be reported as the draft approaches.