Seahawks firesale: Should LA Rams kick tires on Bobby Wagner?

Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports /

The LA Rams have struggled to beat the San Francisco 49ers in the past. That has not been the case for the Seattle Seahawks, who had swept the 49ers as recently as the 2021 NFL season. Of course, one reason was the play of veteran mobile quarterback Russell Wilson. The other is the stellar play of inside linebacker Bobby Wagner.

Perhaps it is fitting that both players learn that they are no longer playing for the Seattle Seahawks on the same day. It’s rather curious that the Seattle Seahawks remain committed to head coach Pete Carroll, but the team is pursuing the path of a complete firesale right now. The LA Rams, conversely, are attempting to restock their roster to defend their NFL Championship Title.  Perhaps the Rams could find some players who could help their roster in that regard in Seattle?

Let’s clarify some things. Bobby Wagner is still a force to be reckoned with. He has amassed 1383 tackles in just ten seasons and has been a dependable starter throughout his career. He is an eight-time Pro Bowler and a six-time All-Pro.  He was a 2021 Pro Bowler who generated 170 tackles, one quarterback sack, and one interception. And he is available.

Is it the right move?

Now let’s be a bit realistic. The LA Rams invest in blind-side offensive tackles, quarterbacks, pass rushers, wide receivers, and defensive backs. But the Rams do have a strong desire to add game-changers to the roster. Bobby Wagner is arguably a game-changer, and at the very least a perennial All-Pro whose expertise at policing the middle of the defense aligns with exactly what the LA Rams want to accomplish going forward.

If you examine how other veterans had performed in the LA Rams defense in the past, then the idea of embedding a middle linebacker like Bobby Wagner. In his history, Wagner has played an inside linebacker as well as a middle linebacker role for the Seahawks defense. Either way, he dominates on the football field.

While the LA Rams may not be able to end up as the top-bidder for Wagner’s services, they are clearly contenders in 2022. We know that the team has won one Super Bowl. Perhaps by adding a player like Wagner to this defense, the Rams would be that much closer to winning their second consecutive NFL Championship?

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