LA Rams losing Dir. Sports Science, Tyler Williams may hurt team success

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Sports Medicine is vital to LA Rams’ operation

Sports Medicine is a vital undertaking because the department not only aids players in avoiding injury but also is heavily involved in mapping a fully encompassing path that includes diet, exercise, sleep, water intake, and even cross-training to amplify and optimize the performance of each and every player on the team.

Each player has a tailor-made regimen of weight training, cardiovascular, diet, water, rest, sleep, and a host of other data points that are collected and monitored. That’s how far the specialty has come over the years.

But it’s more than just preventing injury or even getting more from players. The elevation of Sport Science has given the LA Rams an operational advantage when re-stocking the roster. Think of it this way. Most NFL teams shop for rookies as we shop for frozen pizzas. They go to the NFL Draft and select the plug-n-play prospects who have benefitted from an active training program that has carried them through NCAA football with optimal performance habits.

Rams can train athletes to their optimal athleticism

But the LA Rams can shop for the basic ingredients, the athleticism, height, weight, and raw abilities in rookie prospects, knowing that their coaches can instruct them in the right techniques to use on the football field. And the Sports Science department can custom-design a training program that will aim the player toward the best athleticism needed for their intended NFL position.

As fans, it’s easy to look at the names on the team’s roster and conclude whether or not you have confidence in that player’s ability to compete at the NFL level. But the LA Rams coaches and trainers go the extra mile and try to develop each player on the roster to perform at the peak of their ability. That has given the LA Rams a considerable competitive advantage.

Now, at least one other team will try to replicate the Rams’ success.

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