Cutting ex-LA Rams players is an alarmingly upward trend in the NFL

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LA Rams Free Agency
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Rams compensatory picks

Okay, so what if a few of the LA Rams’ former players don’t deliver for their new teams? It’s all about caveat emptor, baby. Still, repeated disappointment could suppress the interest in signing LA Rams players in future NFL Free Agent markets. Does this mean anything to the LA Rams compensatory picks strategy? Will this impact the LA Rams Free Agency strategy?

It could, but perhaps not in a way that you may think. We know that the LA Rams are deeply invested in their use of data analytics, and a by-product of that technology is forming highly accurate estimations of what a player is truly worth in terms of production for the team, as contrasted with what the NFL market will likely pay the player.

So far, the competition for the LA Rams in extending their players has been a bit financially reckless, pushing a ton of benjamins at the players. In professional sports, there is an inherent bias for team executives to expect performances to be easily duplicated, regardless of the team, culture, coaches, or teammates. That most certainly is not the case. As teams begin to wrap other factors into their own free agency contract offers, the Rams offers will eventually become more competitive.

Is there any rush to sign any of these players? The Buffalo Bills wasted no time in jumping on signing veteran offensive guard Rodger Saffold, but the market for that position is red hot this year. I believe that the Rams could await the secondary free-agent market if they continue to have a need to thicken some of their roster depth. And who knows? Perhaps a former player would turn out to be a significant steal for the Rams once more?

And if they play well enough, they could sign another huge contract with another team…?

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