Who is TE2 after LA Rams lose TE Johnny Mundt to Vikings?

Mandatory Credit: Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports /
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The LA Rams lost the services of a very versatile tight end, Johnny Mundt, today, as the Minnesota Vikings report that they have agreed to terms with the five-year veteran. That is a bit of a disappointment as Mundt was lost to the team for a total of 11 games, as well as throughout the entire postseason.

It seems that the LA Rams gambled on his injury to keep him off the radar of most teams. That may have held true in any other year. But his position coach, Wes Phillips, has signed on as the offensive coordinator of the Minnesota Vikings. Phillips knows the intrinsic value of Mundt, an extremely versatile chess piece who had lined up anywhere in the LA Rams offensive formation.

And now, he will likely be called upon to do similar “Where’s Waldo?” offensive gyrations in the Vikings’ new offense, as designed by HC Kevin O’Connell and OC Wes Phillips:

While some may not appreciate the contribution of Mundt in the LA Rams offense, you can bet that the Rams coaching staff did. In five NFL seasons with the team, Mundt was targeted just 13 times, catching 10 passes for 91 yards, no touchdowns, but good enough to move the chains three times.

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Before your Fantasy Football perspective scoffs at the guy, keep in mind that he delivered exactly what the LA Rams asked of him. He lined up as a power back, a full back, as an H back, just off the shoulder of an offensive tackle, and even off the line. He was positioned all over the field to give the Rams leverage on blocks that were crucial to the team’s running game.

So now, who will be the LA Rams’ second tight end in 2022?