LA Rams 6+ Plan B options as team must now ‘move on from Von’

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LA Rams Free Agency Dante Fowler Jr.
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Option III:

I am of the opinion that if you plop outside linebacker Dante Fowler Jr. into this LA Rams defense, he will recover his swagger. In 2019, he put up 58 tackles, 11.5 quarterback sacks, and six passes defended. He also allowed only four of nine passes thrown to the player he was covering to find their mark.  He knows the LA Rams and the Rams know him. Best of all, he was released by the Falcons, so he will not offset any potential awarded compensatory draft picks in 2023.

After being released by the Falcons, his marker price has surely fallen substantially from the $6 million in base salary earned in 2021. The only hiccup is that he played for Atlanta Falcons DC Raheem Morris, who was not very pleased with Fowler’s performance. But that was on his original salary where he was earning an APY of $15 million. The Rams will likely try to low-ball a one-year $4.5-5.25 million contract for him, and that should do it.

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Option IV:

While defensive end Morgan Fox does not play the same position as that of Von Miller, the net effect of getting to the quarterback and stuffing the run are the same basic principles. Similar to the experience of Fowler, Fox was an NFL-star in the making when he left the LA Rams. But like so many other young and promising players, he ran into a buzzsaw when he faced creating plays on his own, without the benefit of playing next to Aaron Donald.

So what would happen if the LA Rams bring him back on a one-year deal incentivized up to $3.5 million if certain performance thresholds were met? And Fox, like Fowler and Van Noy, was released by his former which means no offset to any future awarded compensatory draft picks. Fox added six quarterback sacks and 27 tackles in 2020 on just 403 defensive snaps. He may not be THE answer, but he could be part of a comprehensive solution for the team.