LA Rams lose a key piece of their Super Bowl Roster

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LA Rams Free Agency
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Too early to panic

The LA Rams front office may not be the fastest gun in the west, but you can bet that once LA Rams GM Les Snead starts working on a problem, his staff as well as their glorious Nerds’ Nest of data analytics will come through. The Rams are simply back to where they started a year ago. Now, they have a new roster puzzle to solve.

This is still the LA Rams defense, the ICU of edge rushers. Players who appear to be gasping their last breath of NFL careers arrive at the Rams defense, turn it around and go off to record career-high contracts. That is still the process, so the Rams need to simply vet the best fit for the team in terms of personality, hunger, and potential production.

After free agency, the Rams will have eight draft picks to thicken roster depth in some of the thinner positions. Fortunately, the 2022 NFL Draft appears deep at the positions of greatest need for the team this year.  Although there is still plenty to do, I’m sure that Snead already has a plan in place.

25 more moves to go

Assuming that both Gay and Howard sign their tender offers, the LA Rams will increase the roster even further in the draft with eight more players. That will bring the team up to 73 players. So from this point going forward, any player added to the Rams roster will simply reduce the number of undrafted rookies who will be signed after the 2022 NFL Draft concludes. Right now, that number is 17.

Getting it right sometimes means slowing things down, aiming much longer, then pulling the trigger. Many fans are not known for their patience and no doubt want to see something start to happen with their Super Bowl champs.

But it’s too early to panic, folks. This is when the LA Rams operate at their best. Just grab a cold beverage and some popcorn, and kick your feet back. The entertainment is about to begin.

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