LA Rams rumors: Would trading WR Robert Woods help or hurt team?

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LA Rams Rumors Robert Woods
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The LA Rams have added a few wide receivers over the years. We know that no matter which position the fans have prioritized, the LA Rams‘ chances of drafting a wide receiver with their first two selections in any given draft is about a 50/50 shot. In 2021, the Rams selected WR Tutu Atwell in their first pick of the draft. In 2020, the team waited for their second pick of the draft to select WR Van Jefferson. In 2017, the team selected WR Cooper Kupp with their second pick of the draft. The Rams did not draft a wide receiver in either 2018 or 2019.

The position is one that the LA Rams restock annually, and one that head coach Sean McVay values highly, having played that position in his own playing days. And over the years, the Rams have amassed a rather impressive arsenal of players who can run routes, block, run the ball, and catch. Now, other NFL teams want a cut of the action.

You see, the LA Rams just signed WR Allen Robinson. They are also stating that Odell Beckham Jr. is on their radar to sign as well. Now, let’s just push the pause button and review who the LA Rams already have on the roster:

  • WR Cooper Kupp      –  17 games, 145/191 catches, 1,947 yards 16 TDs
  • WR Van Jefferson     – 17 games, 50/89 catches, 802 yards 6 TDs
  • WR Robert Woods    –   9 games, 45/69 catches, 556 yards 4 TDs*
  • WR Ben Skowronek – 14 games, 11/20 catches, 133 yards 0 TDs

*Returning from November ACL injury

Plus the team is expecting WR Tutu Atwell and TE/WR Jacob Harris back from injury. If the Rams re-sign Odell Beckham Jr., that will place four of their top seven (before the Allen Robinson signing) on the list for potential workload management. To fans, that’s nothing anyone considers. For coaches who must run the offense through OTAs, training camp, preseason, and practices through 17 regular-season games? It’s a logistics nightmare.

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Adding Robinson gives the LA Rams plenty of leeway for the team to do right by quarterback Matthew Stafford in giving him a fully stocked arsenal of dangerous offensive weapons. It’s also a move that does right by the receivers, who can now ease back into the Rams offense on any timetable, and not rush back because the team needs them to do so quickly.