LA Rams rumors: Would trading WR Robert Woods help or hurt team?

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Detractor I: It helps any contender to improve

There are two rules of thumb to guide NFL general managers through the chaos that comes with the start of a new NFL season. First, do not weaken the team. While that appears to make some sense, oftentimes GMs get so tangled up in the salary cap solutions for the team that they carve into the roster a little too deeply, releasing players who mean more to the team than production on the field.

The other rule is not to make any competing team or contender better. There is no doubt that adding a wide receiver like Robert Woods, who is willing to do so very much for the team in any capacity, would be an immediate positive impact for any NFL team. Imagine WR Robert Woods with the Green Bay Packers, catching passes from QB Aaron Rodgers? Or plop him into the Denver Broncos offense to be on the receiving end of QB Russell Wilson passes?

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Woods moves the needle for any NFL team

Robert Woods is so very popular right now because he can be the commiserate plug-n-play receiver into virtually any offense, and help their passing, rushing, and blocking improve right out of the gates. Not only that, but he is an incredible class act. He is unshakeable, a calm and collected player who simply lines up on each player with the intention to give everything he can with each and every offensive snap.

His pride is on display in each football game, not when an open microphone is shoved into his face. That is what endears him to fans, and to practically any coach who has the pleasure of working with him.  Woods is a captain whether or not he leads the team in on-field production, and that type of role is not something data analytics or draft analysts can predict with any degree of certainty. Either a player has it when they arrive, or they don’t. Robert Woods has it, and he brings that bonus to any team he plays for.