No word on LA Rams QB John Wolford should be puzzling, but it’s not

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Why worry about Wolford and why now?

The LA Rams Free Agency net has been cast upon the players that are deemed vital to the success of the 2022 NFL season. The team has extended OT Joseph Noteboom, OC Brian Allen, and IOL Coleman Shelton. The team has also extended Qualifying Tender Offers to two Restricted Free Agents: Kicker Matt Gay and inside linebacker Travin Howard.

But no such offer was extended to John Wolford. That is not to say that the Rams will not re-sign Wolford, they probably will. But the lack of activity to bring him back already would seem to indicate that the team is comfortable with Bryce Perkins as their QB2 for the 2022 NFL Season. While equally as mobile, Perkins stands 6-foot-3 and weighs 214-pounds.

If he is re-signed, the deal would make me very surprised if it is longer than a one-year offer and I would be even more surprised if the compensation exceeds $1.5 million. That improvising make-things-happen-out-there quality that was once unique to Wolford is now baked into the offense with starting quarterback Matthew Stafford.

The LA Rams like to run their training camp with four quarterbacks. Since the team has only two on the active roster, for the time being, even the addition of Wolford on a minimal contract would not likely take the Rams out of the quarterback market during or after the 2022 NFL Draft.

That could place the Rams into drafting a quarterback or two, or perhaps signing one or two after the draft. One such player who will likely be there for the Rams at 175 is Notre Dame quarterback Jack Coan.

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Southeastern Louisianna’s Cole Kelley is an intriguing prospect. He is a bit raw, but stands 6-foot-7 and weighs 249 pounds.

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Of course, there are no guarantees that the LA Rams will feel the need to address the quarterback position. Or that the Rams will limit their roster to just four quarterbacks in training camp. The Rams may plan to look at three new faces, and if nothing else, retain the best of the three on the practice squad for future development.

The fact is that the LA Rams have not tipped their hand on what the team intends to do about bolstering the quarterback position for training camp, nor what the team has planned for John Wolford if anything. While that should be puzzling at this early stage of free agency, it’s not. The LA Rams likely believe that Wolford is not going anywhere. And to be honest, they may be 100 percent correct.

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