LA Rams fans are waiting for the other shoe to drop

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The LA Rams fans know that the team does not do something controversial without something else in the works. The news from the Rams front office usually happens in pairs, particularly when the news is as confusing and controversial as trading long-time Rams wide receiver Robert Woods. A salary dump? Okay. But the team is not loading up with veteran outside linebacker Von Miller. So shouldn’t the need to dump excessive funds be in the rearview mirror now?

I can understand the logic. I can follow the bread crumbs. I’m betting that almost everyone can. The team saw a chance to add wide receiver Allen Robinson to the already dangerous offense and jumped to do so. But after doing so, the alarms sounded and the finance folks had to reel the rest of the organization in. With only one football, the team needs to do a better job of distributing salary cap funds than just loading up on Top-10 wide receivers.

Only one football, Rams need to respect more positions than WRs

But I’m not going to be the one to attempt to tell LA Rams head coach Sean McVay those facts.  That’s a cross for someone else to bear. After all, I’m thinking even with everything else that is going on, the Rams are still about a 50/50 chance of drafting a rookie wide receiver with the 104th pick of the 2022 NFL Draft.  I wish that wasn’t the case. But it is.

In the meantime, there are quite a few moving pieces and I’m so far behind on putting any of it out there. My day is already chock full of catching up to all of the LA Rams’ latest moves, trying to assess what it all means, and then if there is any time remaining, to peek around the corner to try to pick out the next steps.

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Still, I cannot shake this feeling of Deja Vu’. That sense that we’ve been here before. A feeling that very much resembles the tingling of my spider-sense when the team traded starting inside linebacker Kenny Young to the Denver Broncos. At the time, I went out on a limb to predict that the LA Rams were setting the stage to trade for Jacksonville Jaguars ILB Myles Jack. I got the event correct, but simply missed the mark on who the team eventually traded for.