Want LA Rams offense to be physical? WR Allen Robinson brings it

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LA Rams Free Agency Allen Robinson
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Robinson’s Ram debut

Allen Robinson is the next iteration in the LA Rams offense of a wide receiver who will leap for and fight for the football. But Robinson has a good three inches of height, 22 pounds of muscle, and 3.5-inches of vertical leap on OBJ, and he’s more than happy to use all of those advantages on each play. Here is a video from Underdog Fantasy reviewing the addition before the team traded Robert Woods featuring long-time LA Rams analyst Sosa Kremenjas.

Kremenjas nails the reason for this signing early in the interview, pointing out that QB Matthew Stafford loves to throw into coverage and let his receiver ‘climb the ladder’ to come away with the contested catch. Stafford has had that type of receiver throughout his career but had not had the benefit of a full season with a veteran like that on the Rams roster just yet.

Well, that’s all changed now. Allen Robinson is a receiver for the LA Rams.

Robinson, like Kupp, is an NFL workhorse. In 2021, QB Matthew Stafford threw 601 passes. In all fairness, that was just his fifth-highest total of attempts in his 13-year career. So he has more in him, particularly in a 17 game season.  Of those 601 passes, nearly a full third were thrown to Cooper Kupp (191 passes to be exact).  No other player on the offense was targeted more than 89 times.

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More where that came from

Right now, the Rams will have Robert Woods’ 69 targets, DeSean Jackson’s 15 targets, and Sony Michel’s 33 targets up for grabs. A more likely scenario is that the Rams offense will be more pass-centric, with tossing about 670 passes in 2022. At that volume, you could speculate the following distribution:

  • Player                    Tgts   Rec      Yds     TDs
  • Cooper Kupp         180   140    1904   17
  • Allen Robinson     140     92    1260   10
  • Van Jefferson          90     60     1056     9
  • All Others               260  177     1180     8

That’s the type of season that would result in the following season for quarterback Matthew Stafford:
469 of 670 (70 percent completion rate) for 5400 yards and 44 touchdowns and 14 interceptions.

Too optimistic? The LA Rams, if they can keep everyone healthy and together, have every chance to do exactly that. Compare those numbers to Stafford’s first year with the Rams. Now, factor in the topsy turvy dynamics at wide receiver that plagued the team all season. If the Rams stay healthy and consistent, the team could have quite an offense this year.

Robinson gives this offense a new and vital dimension that could be quite a factor in the 2022 NFL season’s success.

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