Clap for the Wolfman: LA Rams bringing back ERFA QB John Wolford

Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports /

There was never any doubt about whether or not the LA Rams would be re-signing Exclusive Rights Free Agency backup quarterback John Wolford. The team had a number of higher priority activities to accomplish as quickly as possible (In the NFL Free Agency market, if you snooze, you truly do lose), and that commanded almost all of their attention, focus, and energies.

But now, with the first wave of NFL free agent signings in the rearview mirror, the LA Rams can begin to window-dress their roster. One of the first orders of business along that front is bolstering the team’s quarterback depth. Typically, the team likes or prefers, to have four quarterbacks on the 90-man roster to run training camp effectively with all of the tight-end, running-back, and wide-receiver drills.

With that in mind, it makes complete for the LA Rams to extend Exclusive Rights Free Agent John Wolford. So it should come as no surprise that the Wolfman is back for another go.

First of all, the LA Rams love what Wolford does on the practice field. But even more than that, the front office loves the price, which for an ERFA is the NFL minimum. In fact, the rules about ERFAs are pretty clear in that the player can only sign with one NFL team. That is why we were not worried in the least when the team did not report any activity earlier about extending Wolford.

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But the lack of news on that front did open an opportunity to discuss the LA Rams backup quarterback situation, a scenario that is truly in need of attention by the team’s front office. With 2022 as the last year for an inexpensive option to extend Wolford, the Rams could and should give some consideration to adding a traditional pocket passer to the quarterback room.

The team is currently backing up veteran quarterback Matthew Stafford, a pocket passer, with two mobile quarterbacks in John Wolford and Bryce Perkins. But we can have that discussion another day. For now? QB John Wolford is back. Does that mean it’s time to pop open the champagne? Not likely. But it does add one more player to the roster, and one who was on the 53-player roster from 2021.

The LA Rams roster is back to three quarterbacks. The real fun comes with the question of whether or not the team will add a fourth player, and who that fourth quarterback might be.

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