LA Rams still have 8 crazy options to shore up defense

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LA Rams Free Agency
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The LA Rams have done the standard menu of signing their vital free agents who had been identified as vital to the team’s 2022 NFL season. The team then added a new wide receiver to the roster (doesn’t it seem as though that happens quite frequently?). Now, for the tough part. The LA Rams have struggled to go beyond this point in the past. Will they add another unfamiliar face to the roster?

Of course, we’d love to see it. Many would right now. The LA Rams trust their system of drafting late, developing within, promoting future NFL stars, and watching those defensive stars sign for lucrative contracts elsewhere. Of course, that oftentimes triggers the NFL algorithm for awarding the next round of compensatory draft picks, and the drafting of late-round talented rookies process begins all over again.

Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

Von Gone. Execute the backup plan

But the LA Rams had a taste of something better in 2021. Sensing a need for urgency, facing repeated team injuries at key positions, the team took a shot at going for the fences by swinging for a Super Bowl victory with veteran outside linebacker Von Miller.

The plan worked but backfired at the same time. The success was evident when the LA Rams won Super Bowl LVI. The plan backfired because so many teams suddenly found OLB Von Miller on their radar as a suitable edge rusher for their own defensive schemes. Teams that were linked to him included the Green Bay Packers, the LA Chargers, the Denver Broncos, the Dallas Cowboys, and even the Baltimore Ravens. All were competing with the LA Rams to sign him.

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But out of the left-field bleachers, in swooped the Buffalo Bills with an offer for $200 million that no other team could touch. And that was that. Miller is gone, and now the LA Rams must not only come to terms but figure out a way to reload in the aftermath. Well, we’re here to help. Miller’s decision took so long, that many of the top names at the position have been signed by now. But here are eight veterans, eight crazy options, to reinforce the LA Rams defense for 2022