LA Rams still have 8 crazy options to shore up defense

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LA Rams Free Agency Bobby Wagner
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The Equalizer

Right now, a lot of LA Rams fans’ heads have hit their pillows in the hopes, and perhaps a sprinkle of belief, that Seahawks All-Pro ILB Bobby Wagner will sign with the LA Rams. And that could prove to be true soon. But why Bobby Wagner, and why now?

The answer to that question is perhaps is answered by pointing to the hiring of new defensive coordinator Raheem Morris in 2021. The new DC made it quite clear to the team and the fans that he would make every attempt to retain what worked for the defense in the past. But as far as how he would do so, that would mean a few changes on the roster. One of the most obvious is the renewed importance of the inside linebacker position as a key to both the run defense and successfully defending short passing routes across the middle.

Hey, those are two areas where Bobby Wagner crushes it on defense. He has been phenomenal throughout his 10-year career with the Seattle Seahawks. But they are rebuilding to win in the future, and he is still playing well enough to win now.

Much like the addition of WR Allen Robinson diversifies the Rams pass offense capabilities, adding Wagner to this defense will tweak some of what the team needs to do. The LA Rams will be able to remain in their 3-4 base defense, which will shut down those gashing rushing plays for big gains in passing down situations. And playing behind the likes of Aaron Donald, Greg Gaines, and A’Shawn Robinson, Wagner would be a very dangerous weapon to use in blitzing up the middle.

The Rams may have lost Von Miller to the Buffalo Bills, but finding Bobby Wagner in this defense could equalize everything out.