LA Rams still have 8 crazy options to shore up defense

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LA Rams Free Agency Melvin Ingram
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The Power Plant

If you are looking to add some wattage to the defense, then the LA Rams should look no further than veteran OLB Melvin Ingram. Ingram may not be in his prime, but he is still good enough to move the needle on defense. Well, he is a 10-year veteran, knows the city of Los Angeles very well, and can still lend a helping hand on defense.

Ingram’s best days are behind him, or so is the consensus of many NFL personnel executives. But right or wrong, he can still bring a fire about him. And from what we witnessed to his mid-season arrival to the Kansas City Chiefs, he can dramatically improve the play of defense without being the guy who gets to the quarterback or makes the tackle for a loss.

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He’s the guy who does the #DAWGWORK, as LA Rams DL coach Eric Henderson loves to say, which allows the other guys to make the plays. Right now, he is a 50/50 rotational player. For the Rams defense, that could be a vital enough bridge to allow the younger players like Chris Garrett and Terrell Lewis to step up a bit. Even more than that, he can give the Rams two projected starters, Leonard Floyd and Justin Hollins, some snaps off to let them manage the 17 game season.

The LA Rams do not necessarily need to swing for the fences at their outside linebacker position. But the team must figure out a way to replace up to 689 defensive snaps, seven quarterback sacks and 46 tackles lost when Von Miller and Ogbonnia Okoronkwo signed elsewhere. It can be done with a bit of creativity, and adding Ingram will help the team get there.