LA Rams still have 8 crazy options to shore up defense

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LA Rams Free Agency Morgan Fox
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Fox on the run

A familiar name, former LA Rams defensive end Morgan Fox remains unsigned. Like so many, the young man showed incredible promise in the LA Rams defense, signed a somewhat lucrative contract to play for the Carolina Panthers, but was cut after just one year. Fox is a savage in the right system, and the LA Rams are definitely the right system.

The LA Rams, as we’ve been suggesting, are looking for ways to convert 689 defensive snaps into seven quarterback sacks and 46 tackles lost with the departure of both Miller and Obo. While there are many ways to do so, why not consider someone who knows the LA Rams defense intimately, and would be welcomed back with open arms?

Morgan Fox left the LA Rams after the 2020 season for the same reasons that many players do when their contract expires. He signed the best contract option available, which just so happened to be for the Carolina Panthers. We don’t know how the Panthers’ contract compared to that of the Rams, nor even if the Rams made a counter offer. After all, Fox’s contract was lucrative enough to project as an awarded sixth-round 2022 compensatory pick. You can bet that factors into any internal decision of who to sign and for how much.

Fox’s best attribute, and ideal for the Rams 2022 situation, is his ability to harness a great deal of energy in a rotational role. He can spot start, can get after the quarterback, can defend the run, and won’t break the piggy bank. Need more reasons? Sources from the team in a position to know have expressed interest in bringing Fox back. He is 6-foot-3, 260-pounds, and is entering his sixth NFL season. A cheap, young, and productive addition to any defense simply never goes out of style.