LA Rams still have 8 crazy options to shore up defense

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LA Rams Free Agency Ryan Kerrigan
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Another reunion?

Another veteran who has gotten a bit long in the tooth but still has some gas in the tank is OLB/DE Ryan Kerrigan, a player who HC Sean McVay will surely recognize from their days together on the Washington Commanders. Kerrigan is another 11-year NFL veteran, emerging from a rather lackluster season with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Kerrigan is a two-point stance player, and that hand-in-the-dirt role with the Eagles was simply not working for him. No dirt for him if he comes to the LA Rams. But can he still hold his own? Well, there is no denying the fact that he’s lost a step, and in the modern NFL defense, the name of the game banks on getting faster, not slower, in defense. But there are good reasons to keep Kerrigan on the radar.

For starters, he is still worth a rotational role. He can comfortably give the LA Rams up to 350 defensive snaps over the course of a 17 game season, and that is 350 snaps that Floyd or Hollins needn’t play. So in the course of strategy, he still becomes a strategic advantage for the team. If not to replace Von Miller, a seasoned veteran taking over for OBO.

But he is exactly that, a seasoned veteran. One more veteran to mentor a very young LA Rams outside linebacker group. The difference between winning it all or not is sometimes just having the right voices in the locker room, saying the right things to the right people. Ryan Kerrigan could be one of those sage voices.