How deep is the LA Rams offensive line before the 2022 NFL Draft?

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LA Rams roster Rams depth chart Tremayne Anchrum
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Rams roster: OL key backups are set for 2022

Thankfully, much of that body of work has already been addressed. The LA Rams offensive linemen work vigorously in training camp to learn, refine, and perfect their techniques. Then, coaches observe how well they hold up in scrimmages and preseason games. In 2021, the Rams were very pleased with young offensive linemen Tremayne Anchrum and Alaric Jackson, who both played outstanding in the joint practice/scrimmage with the Dallas Cowboys.

So what about the LA Rams second string?  Well, they may already be on the roster. Backing up the starters on the active roster is OL Tremayne Anchrum, who can cover almost any offensive lineman position. He is joined by Alaric “A.J.” Jackson, who proved that he can handle the brutality of anchoring the line on the blindside. OL Bobby Evans is back once more, and with another offseason to get stronger and practice his technique, could prove to be a viable option for covering multiple offensive line positions.

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Rams roster is solid with OL

That’s eight offensive linemen already. On some teams, that was the number of players carried on the active roster. Typically, the LA Rams carry 10 on their active roster and prefer to have up to 15 for training camp.

That works out to seven short. So clearly the LA Rams will be shopping long and hard for offensive linemen, right? What would you say if I told you that the Rams depth chart is already better than two-deep at every offensive lineman position? Would you believe me? Well, the LA Rams continue to add depth to the unit with such subtlety that nobody seems to notice.

Is the team finished at the offensive line just yet? Historically, the team will jump at the chance to add an offensive lineman late in the draft, or perhaps as a priority free agent signing. But the more I view the LA Rams’ current roster status, the more I’m convinced that the team will likely focus upon their secondary and pass rush.