LA Rams 2022 NFL Draft Big Board for punters? Yes, punters

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LA Rams Draft Matt Araiza
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Option I: Punter Matt Araiza

With the 175th pick of the 2022 NFL Draft, the LA Rams select punter Matt Araiza out of San Diego State

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The NFL is infatuated with San Diego State punter Matt Ariaza this year, and for good reason. Anyone who has earned the nickname of ‘Punt God’ deserves to be on the radar of every NFL team, and Matt Araiza very likely is.  While he is certainly one of the players who the LA Rams will be targeting for their punting duties, you have to wonder if other teams that have a dozen or so picks will burn one for a punter long before the LA Rams have the option to do so in the fifth round?

Araiza could persuade some team to do so.

He can zing ’em folks. In 2021, he punted twice over 80 yards. He punted 18 times over 60 yards. If the returner does not field it cleanly and leaves it to bounce, chances are that it will roll downfield (in the Rams’ favor) another 20 yards or so. He also gives the LA Rams an emergency option at kickoffs as well. He is a true weapon at the position and has the aura of a game-changer. And yes, you can bet that ST Joe DeCamillis is already salivating over the chance of drafting him.

Option II: Punter Jordan Stout

With the 212th pick of the 2022 NFL Draft, the LA Rams select punter Jordan Stout out of Penn State University.

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The Penn State Nittany Lions may not be the first school you think of when shopping for a punter, but this is a good year to do so. He is more of the ‘hang time’ variety punter, whose punts arc high into the air and gives coverage plenty of time to arrive before or as the ball reaches the hands of the receiver. He is a solid option if the LA Rams are looking for that ‘coffin corner’ guy, as he rarely punts the ball into or through the end zone.

He is also fast with the football, opting for either a two-step or three-step punt that gets rid of the football almost instantly.  As far as power? He punts 50+ yards nearly a third of the time.

Jordan Stout is the blue-collar version of a punter. He is consistent, quick, and gives lots of opportunities for teammates to make incredible plays. If some team leaps to draft Araiza before the Rams have the opportunity to do so, Stout makes an excellent Plan B option for the team.