LA Rams OC Liam Coen has great insight for 7 UK draft hopefuls

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While the LA Rams have hired Liam Coen to assume the offensive coordinator role for the team, there is always that byproduct of hiring a college coach to assume a role on the coaching staff. In essence, the LA Rams have incredible insight into the potential rookies who hope to hear their names called from that college. And folks, the University of Kentucky has quite an entourage entering the NFL via the 2022 NFL Draft.

Perhaps it’s sheer coincidence, but many of the UK draft prospects (four of the seven draft hopefuls) fall within the range of the LA Rams based on early projections. While the LA Rams have eight draft picks to spend in the 2022 NFL Draft, not one falls within the Top 100 players selected.

That means that the LA Rams will need to have far superior intel and insight into their draft targets, and who better than to heavily upon their prodigal son Liam Coen? After all, Coen just spent an entire year working with and creating new and flourishing relationships with all of the Kentucky Wildcats players.

Kentucky has a solid draft class for 2022, particularly among the later rounds. And that is exactly where the LA Rams will find themselves choosing this year. But even better than being at the right place at the right time, the Rams have Liam Coen, a new offensive coordinator who worked as Kentucky’s offensive coordinator throughout the 2021 NFL Season.

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That means that the LA Rams know the type of character, mental toughness, football IQ, and the answers to a host of questions that take months to determine otherwise, instantly. And that insight not only helps the organization to determine the exact player specs but whether or not the prospect projects to succeed among the LA Rams team.