LA Rams OC Liam Coen has great insight for 7 UK draft hopefuls

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LA Rams Draft Yusuf Corker
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Round 6

With the 212th pick of the 2022 NFL Draft, the LA Rams select Yusuf Corker, safety, from the University of Kentucky. Corker is a solid prospect for the LA Rams, whose NFL Draft grade of 5.96 places him in the right area of the draft to be one of the Rams’ three sixth-round picks. (Round VI – 196th ranked player)

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The LA Rams secondary would make an excellent landing spot for Corker. He has all of the instincts of a good defensive back in terms of pass coverage, and he is always willing to get into the midst of a scrum and mix it up. But he does have a tendency to focus more on contact and less about wrapping up and making the tackle.

That’s what you get late in the draft. Some question marks, plus some flashes of brilliance too.

Remember that the players in college football truly are dependent upon what that football program asks them to do. In Corker, you have a defensive back who is at the high end of pass defense but is not someone you want to play in the box without significant improvement.

The LA Rams face expiring contracts with Taylor Rapp, Nick Scott, and Jake Gervase, so a late pick for a promising safety who can defend the pass seems like a wise move. He stands 6-foot-0 and weighs 203-pounds, so he arrives with enough size to play the role from the get-go. He’s a true powerhouse, leading all DBs with 23 reps on the bench press.

While I have noted his missed tackles, think of Corker as a refresher to Taylor Rapp with better coverage instincts. When he hits, he hits like a missile. It’s simply wrapping up his arms to finish off the tackle that he lacks.  He is a very promising defensive back and would be an excellent addition to the LA Rams secondary.