Was former Jaguars HC Urban Meyer the worst NFL HC of all time?

Mandatory Credit: Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports /

You might think that the NFL hiring practices of head coaches are so acutely refined, that it takes scoring among the 95th percentile across the board to even be considered for an opportunity to interview. Well, it appears that is not the case.

Sometimes fact is indeed stranger than fiction. While LA Rams fans have come to conclude that there is very little about the NCAAF or NFL that HC Sean McVay does not instantly relate to and know, that is not the case with all head coaches around the league.

That has all come to a head after The Athletic’s recent revelation about how little recently fired Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Urban Meyer knew about general NFL knowledge. You may want to sit down for this one:

While this may not be an LA Rams news story directly, it’s certainly the type of story that adds a bit of respect and appreciation for the job that head coach Sean McVay has done in just five seasons with the LA Rams, doesn’t it?

How bad was Urban Meyer? So bad that there are already videos available citing him as perhaps the worst coach in NFL history.

In the midst of roster building, judging team moves, and raising or squelching concerns about the upcoming 2022 NFL season for the LA Rams, it’s always a good idea to pause, take a deep breath, and realize that the LA Rams are in the hunt for another NFL Championship.

Not every NFL team is blessed with that position. After reviewing the issues raised here about Coach Meyer, I can finally see why.

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