LA Rams already fixed 2 of 5 items on 2022 punch list

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Item I Resolved – Reconfiguring the Rams receivers

The LA Rams have already begun to change the nature of targets that Stafford will throw to in 2022. The Rams will, of course, have WR Cooper Kupp who does everything well and was the NFL Triple-Crown winner in 2021. But this year, he will be joined by an underrated Allen Robinson, one of the most competitive jump ball wide receivers in the NFL.

That is not to say that the LA Rams have no speed. The team will bring back WR Van Jefferson, who had receptions of 67, 68, 79, and 52 yards respectively. He even hauled in a 41-yard pass in the NFL playoffs.  Joining him in sprinting up and down the field is a much more determined Tutu Atwell, whose rookie season did not show much. But, much like formerly injured offensive center Brian Allen, that disappointment may have fueled an internal rage that will lead him to a very successful NFL career.

The receiver room will be reinforced even further by the return of rookie WR Ben Skowronek, who had a taste of playing time in the regular and postseason and should be a far better receiver this year.

The LA Rams also have KR/PR/WR Brandon Powell, WR Landen Akers, a very intriguing 6-foot-6 Warren Jackson, and J.J. Koski as well. While all bets are off in terms of the LA Rams’ decision to add more receiver talent, I like the diversity and makeup of this group.

2022 Rams receiver depth chart projections

So how will this all shake out?  While we are still waiting for players to arrive and suit up, here are the first quick and dirty depth chart projections so far for the LA Rams.

  1. Cooper Kupp will be backed up by Van Jefferson
  2. Allen Robinson will be backed up by Ben Skowronek
  3. Tutu Atwell will be backed up by Brandon Powell
  4. Jacob Harris will be backed up by Warren Jackson

In the mix: J.J. Koski, Landen Akers, new receivers drafted or signed after the draft.  Establishing receivers in this fashion allows the Rams to create separation (Kupp/Jefferson), win physical matchups and contested balls (Robinson/Skowronek), threaten defenses deep (Atwell/Powell) and even challenge defenses by putting skyscrapers on the football field that only the tallest defensive backs can match up against.

How will it all shake out? For now, it’s a wait-and-see game. But there are many reasons to love how the Rams roster is taking shape so far to optimize the talents of QB Matthew Stafford.