LA Rams: 15 greatest wide receivers of All Time

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WR. (1999-2008). Torry Holt. 2. player. 51.

Setting the ranking of WR Torry Holt in comparison to his teammate Isaac Bruce does not seem fair to call one second and one first. It’s more like 1B and 1A with these two wide receivers. Of course, that is not what the NFL Hall of Fame has called it.  The fact is that Isaac Bruce is a member of the NFL Hall of Fame Class of 2020, and Torry Holt has not yet been added is a bit telling.

Holt played 10 years for the Saint Louis Rams, catching 869 of 1457 passes for 12,660 yards and 74 touchdowns. If he would have had a lengthier career for the Rams, he surely would have matched his teammate’s, Isaac Bruce, production.  After playing 10 years with the LA Rams, he finished out his career by playing his final season with the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2008.

Holt is a 6-foot-0 200-pound wide receiver who possessed an amazing ability to appear to be next to unstoppable on the football field. While he is currently the NFL’s 16th-ranked receiver in terms of career yardage, he took the fewest number of NFL career seasons to set that Top-20 total. To further prove the point, his 920 receptions are the 22nd ranked highest receiver career total in the NFL.

Holt’s single-season receiving yards total cracked the NFL All-Time Top 20 list twice: He put up 1,635 yards in 2000 and put up 1,696 yards in 2003. Holt was a big-play receiver, and he saved his best performances for the biggest stages. In 10 playoff games over his career, he caught 47 of 81 passes for 630 yards and four touchdowns.

But for all of the individual stats, he and Isaac Bruce were a matched set:

"‘I remember when they signed Isaac back, I called and congratulated him. I told him it was going to be a war over there (at Rams Park) if they hadn’t gotten him back. We both laughed. It’s good to see him back on the field. I’m glad to have another opportunity to play ball with him this season.’ -Torry Holt via @QuoteTab"

In the end, WR Isaac Bruce is currently in the Hall of Fame and his teammate, WR Torry Holt, is not. How ironic that the pair of receivers that could not be separated on the football field is now separated by honoring one but not the other.