LA Rams: 15 greatest wide receivers of All Time

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Rams All-Time Lists Isaac Bruce
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1. player. 51. . WR. (1994-2007). Isaac Bruce

The performance of wide receiver Isaac Bruce while playing for the St. Louis Rams, much like his teammate Torry Holt, is something you had to see to truly appreciate. However else you view the Rams’ greatest receivers, the gold standard will be Isaac Bruce. In 14 seasons for the Rams franchise, he missed the 1,000 receiving yards just six times.

Isaac Bruce was inaugurated into the NFL Hall of Fame with the Class of 2020. Of all the history and great players of the Rams franchise, Isaac Bruce stands atop the list because he did more, more often, and for more years, than the others. Bruce, who stands 6-foot-0 and weighs 188-pounds, played 14 seasons for the Rams.

During that time, he caught 942 of 1,613 passes for 14,109 yards and 84 touchdowns. He had 40 games with the Rams of over 100 yards.

His Hall of Fame acceptance speech is worth a watch and you can check it out by viewing the ESPN telecast which can be found in the video below:

Bruce stands 6-foot-0 and weighs 188-pounds. His career spanned 14 years with the LA Rams, a career that amassed 942 receptions, 14,109 yards, and 84 touchdowns. Per year, he averaged over 63 receptions, 1,007 yards, and six touchdowns per year for 14 phenomenal NFL years.

Just wow.

While his career and achievements would have been no less in my humble opinion if he had never earned that Super Bowl ring, I’m not certain that the NFL Hall of Fame would have opened the doors for him to enter and join the greats of the game without it.

The Rams organization, from the Cleveland Rams to the Los Angeles Rams to the St. Louis Rams and now back to the LA Rams have many things in common. In this case, we have all come to expect elite play – both in receiving and in blocking – from the receivers on the roster. And as you can see from this list, they have never let the fans down.

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