The 7 worst contracts in LA Rams franchise history

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Worst current contract?

The Rams have penned some true stink bombs in the past, but the current deal for TE Tyler Higbee is not that bad.  At the time, he signed a 4-year, $29,000,000 contract with the Los Angeles Rams, including $15,500,000 guaranteed on September 5, 2019. For the 2022 NFL season, he will impact the LA Rams’ salary cap by $8,050,000.

That places Higbee outside of the NFL’s Top-10 highest-paid tight ends for 2022. With his 2021 NFL performance (impacted by some injuries) coming in at 14th-best in the NFL for 2021 per Fantasy, he is priced right.

Seventh Worst contract

7 TE Jared Cook – March 12, 20135 Years $35 million/ $16 million guaranteed

While tight end Jared Cook seemed to hit his historic production on the football field, the Saint Louis Rams hoped to get a much better performance. He was viewed as the type of four-down player who could start, block, and catch. And the Rams contract paid him with an expectation that he would be their starter for 16 games per season.

In three seasons, that worked out to 48 games. Unfortunately for the Rams, he only started 31 of those games. His catch percentage, previously flirting with 66 percent, dropped to 50 percent as he could not haul in passes for the Rams offense.