The 7 worst contracts in LA Rams franchise history

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Second Worst contract

2. CB Cortland Finnegan – March 13, 20125 years $50 million/ $24 million guaranteed

How bad was the Saint Louis Rams’ contract with defensive back Cortland Finnegan? Well, funny enough, when I pinged the image database for photos of Finnegan, the photos that came back were from his time with the Tennessee Titans, the Miami Dolphins, and even the Carolina Panthers. But to find an image of his two seasons playing for the Saint Louis Rams? I had to dig until the image archives were nearly exhausted.

That’s pretty much the story here.

Finnegan was a young and promising defensive back when he arrived at the NFL for the Tennessee Titans. While there, he played his first five NFL seasons for Saint Louis Rams head coach Jeff Fisher, so when the Rams sought secondary help, the fit seemed ideal for Finnegan to impress the NFL once more by joining his former head coach with the Rams.

In his first three games with the Rams, he appeared to be quite a bargain, recording an interception in all three successive games. His first interception was a pick-six for the St. Louis Rams came at the expense of Detroit Lions veteran quarterback Matthew Stafford.

But that early flash and fury were quickly extinguished. He was relieved of his starting duties late in the 2012 season. In 2013, he would only suit up and play in seven games. Ultimately, the lack of production, the injury history, and the need to find a more durable defensive back drove the Rams to release Finnegan. By the time all the smoke cleared, the Rams had paid Finnegan $24 million for 23 NFL starts. Ugh.