Will LA Rams miss Brad Holmes/Ray Agnew eye for NFL talent?

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A hand in building the Rams’ SB winning roster

The LA Rams acknowledge that both Holmes and Agnew contributed to their Super Bowl-winning season, and that certainly was both encouraging and thoughtful of the team to do so. It was also the right thing to do, and both Holmes and Agnew worked very hard in their roles to improve the team’s roster each and every year.

And who can forget the fact that it was Ray Agnew Jr.’s hard lobbying that prompted the then Saint Louis Rams to draft a smaller defensive tackle named Aaron Donald from the University of Pittsburgh?

"“He’s one of the main reasons I’m here. He was the one that was bragging about me when I wasn’t here.” – Per Aaron Donald after appearing in Super Bowl LIII, via Yahoo Sports Kimberly A. Martin"

The question now becomes, whose line is it anyway?  After all, the Rams still have a very important draft coming up, perhaps their most important draft since hiring head coach Sean McVay.  While the LA Rams are now the defending NFL Champions, they didn’t leave much in the till to recharge the roster this year.

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Yes, the LA Rams hold eight draft picks. But all but one fall on Day 3. While there is plenty of talent to go around through all seven rounds in this draft, any expectations of the team landing rookie starters should be squelched.  The team will likely be dependent upon getting the role, rotational, and potential starters out of the Draft Class of 2021, while using the 2022 Draft Class to backfill the roster.

Of course, there could be an exception to the rule – both good and bad.  First-year players who are added to the roster in this year’s draft could excel in training camp, impress the coaching staff, and earn a spot on the team’s 53-man roster. The path to doing so is likely better odds if the route includes excelling on special teams in either the coverage or return units.

Or rookies may not excel, or simply need more time to warrant occupying a spot on the 53-man roster. If that is the case, then they will likely end up on the 14-player practice squad for their first NFL season.  There is no shame in that, as the Rams historically redshirt many of their rookie players regardless of on which roster they appear.

But has anyone talked about who will help the LA Rams make those selections this year?