LA Rams Leonard Floyd had far better 2021 than you may realize

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Rams’ defense already has quarterback pressure built-in

What I am saying is that so many look at Miller’s numbers individually, and fail to recognize that Leonard Floyd was on pace to match Miller’s numbers prior to Miller’s arrival. The Rams send one outside linebacker and cover passes with the other outside linebacker. It just so happened that Miller was better at getting to the QB than coverage.

Had Leonard Floyd stayed on course, his 14.0 projected QB sacks would have tied him as the Fifth-best QB sack total in 2021. In the 2021 NFL season, Justin Hollins recorded 22 tackles and 2.0 quarterback sacks in eight games.

The LA Rams outside linebackers in the first nine games:

  • Player name          QB Sacks     Tackles Leonard Floyd           7.5                 40 Justin Hollins             2.0                 12 Obo Okoronkwo       2.0                    9 Terrell Lewis              3.0                  20 Totals                        14.5                 81

The LA Rams outside linebackers in the last eight games:

  • Player name          QB Sacks       Tackles Leonard Floyd          2.0                   30 Justin Hollins            0.0                   10 Obo Okoronkwo      0.0                      6 Terrell Lewis             0.0                      2 Von Miller                  5.0                   31 Totals                         7.0                   79

The LA Rams outside linebackers in the four-game playoffs:

  • Player name          QB Sacks           Tackles Leonard Floyd          2.0                        12 Justin Hollins            0.0                          2 Obo Okoronkwo      0.0                          5 Terrell Lewis             0.0                          0 Von Miller                  4.0                        14 Totals                         6.0                        33

By looking at all of the 2021 NFL statistics, parsed in this format, the only argument that is truly supported by those who hold a sky-is-falling perspective over losing Von Miller to the Buffalo Bills in free agency is the fact that the Rams’ pass rush may suffer in the upcoming post-season. But we’ll investigate that in a moment. Stay with me here.