Bobby socks ‘Hawks, Wagner will electrify LA Rams defense

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LA Rams Free Agency Bobby Wagner
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If you were not eager for the LA Rams to sign veteran FA Bobby Wagner, then you are probably not having a good day right now. That’s disappointing because a lot of fans, players, coaches, and employees of the LA Rams organization are having a superb afternoon. In fact, they’ve been having a pretty good month of April 2022 so far.

A far better feeling than the deep disappointment experienced when outside linebacker Von Miller chose the bigger stack of cash offered by the Buffalo Bills over the chance to defend the hard-earned NFL Championship Title with the LA Rams team that he contributed four months of the NFL season.

The euphoric rise of hype and optimism is knocking at the Rams’ front door right now and is paying a house call. While we typically intervene with calls for reason to hold fast on a wait-and-see perspective, there is plenty of wiggle room to keep one foot on the ground, and still let the other one do one-footed happy feet dance over the acquisition.

Rams Free Agency emerges with Bobby Wagner

It’s okay to be a bit hopeful, even optimistic. This was a solid signing.

While some insist that the loss of Von Miller neutralizes the Rams’ pass rush, I’m not so sure that is what will happen.  In fact, the most productive chapter of the LA Rams pass rush, from the outside linebacker group, occurred before Von Miller arrived. Rams outside linebacker Leonard Floyd was a huge producer for the team and was on pace to compete for the NFL quarterback sack lead. When Miller arrived, he was given the role of a primary pass rusher.

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No such role swapping will happen now with Bobby Wagner in the fold. He will most certainly bring about change to the way the Rams view the mechanics of a good defense. But change is a good thing. We know that across the middle has become a favorite spot for opposing offenses to attack the Rams’ defense. Whether that’s a run, a curl to a tight end, a running back on a route, or simply a wide receiver giving a crossing route, the Rams have struggled to stop it.  That’s where ILB Bobby Wagner comes in.