Bobby socks ‘Hawks, Wagner will electrify LA Rams defense

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LA Rams Free Agency Bobby Wagner
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NFC West familiarity

There is something to be said about weakening a divisional rival as you strengthen your own team. But that is not the case what happened here. You see, the Seattle Seahawks have a solid talent for self-inflicted wounds, and the outright release of an inside linebacker who still has plenty of gas in the tank is just one of them

But however else you see it, this could be the one roster transaction that the organization most regrets for years to come. After all, Bobby Wagner is now on a team that plays against the Seahawks twice a year. And he will make it a point to show up big in those games.

Bobby Wagner knows the NFC West

The LA Rams have not had the success that against the San Francisco 49ers in recent years. In fact, over the past three seasons, the Seahawks have a 5-1 record against the Niners. Over that same time frame, the Rams have managed only a 1-6 record against the same Niners. In theory (mine at least), that difference in that success is how much better Bobby Wagner played the 49ers’ offense across the middle and stuffed the run.

The NFC West is a boiling point for quarterback turnover right now. The Arizona Cardinals’ relationship with QB Kyler Murray has never been at a lower point. The San Francisco 49ers insist that 2022 is the year of quarterback Trey Lance, while they have been unable to unload QB Jimmy Garoppolo, and the Seattle Seahawks are starting quarterback Drew Lock, who struggled mightily with the Denver Broncos.

Even as opposing quarterbacks will need time to digest the new and improved (hopefully?) LA Rams defense, that learning curve really won’t apply to Wagner. He’s been