Will LA Rams Aaron Donald threaten retirement again?

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Is All-Pro DL Aaron Donald considering retirement once again? The initial reports of Rams rumors on the topic ripped at the hearts of LA Rams fans in the pregame show leading up to Super Bowl LVI.  It was a hot topic, one that was beyond the realm of possibilities, it was the worst of news moments before the best of times. And the LA Rams’ future suddenly went from sun bright to a partial eclipse.

A few days leading up to Super Bowl LVI whispers about LA Ram‘s star defensive lineman Aaron Donald’s pondering retirement created tremors throughout the NFL. Rumors of retirement after winning the Super Bowl became a huge fear for the Rams organization.

It reframed every bit of news, every new report. Since the Rams won the Super Bowl, Donald has achieved everything he set out to do in his eight-year NFL career. Even though the retirement rumors have slowly died out, what is left for Donald to prove? Is Donald fully committed to the 2022 season?

Is Donald still hungry to repeat?

The weeks after winning Super Bowl LVI, Donald met with owner Stan Kroenke and head coach Sean McVay to discuss his future with the organization. According to a video on the “

Million Dollaz Worth of Game

” podcast, Donald had conversations with the Rams about personnel needed to repeat next year.

His retirement was mentioned in a pre-Super Bowl report. But the story grew, evolving into the hope that the Rams would extend some key players during the offseason. Von Miller was part of that group, but despite the front office’s best efforts, he pulled a Billy Joe and Bobby Sue, took the Buffalo money, and ran.

Donald stated he needed certain guys back to help him feel comfortable returning for the 2022 season. It is still unclear which players Donald was hinting at, but the Rams’ free agent signing of inside linebacker Bobby Wagner should certainly please Donald.

Donald prepping for an NFL Championship Title defense

According to the video filmed by Aaron Donald’s official speed trainer, The 2 Tenths, Donald is putting in some work getting ready for season number nine.

The fact that Donald is back to intense training to power up for another taxing NFL season. And this year, that training is coming later than ever, because the Rams won Super Bowl LVI. So less time means more intense training sessions.

Achieving the level of play that Aaron Donald enjoys does not come easy. It’s not for the casual-minded or even a mercenary mentality. Donald’s success is part of a training regimen that is a 24 by 7 dedication, a holistic approach to training his body to deliver on the football field, and then supplying everything necessary to ensure that happens again, and again.

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Donald’s $6.25 million House up for sale? uh oh, spaghetti-oh

Rams rumors about Donald’s retirement just reignited. Just two months after winning the Super Bowl, TMZ reports that Aaron Donald put his $6.25 million California mansion on the market. That’s an unexpected development for someone who just won an NFL Championship, isn’t it?

Donald grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and California is a long way, 2,427 air miles, from home. Does Donald want to retire and move closer to home? Questions that LA Rams fans never wanted to face before are quick to reignite.

After all, if Donald thought about retirement once, what is stopping him from actually pulling the trigger? What happens if the 2022 season doesn’t go according to plan? Does Donald call it quits mid-season? Drafted in 2014, Donald has already played eight NFL seasons, has 441 tackles, 98 sacks, eight Pro-bowls, and is the three-time NFL Defensive Player of the Year Award. It is safe to say Donald has proven he is a first-ballot Hall of Fame player.

The Rams organization, with so many conflicting reports, must be fully aware in the back of their mind that Donald might call it quits at any time.

Will adversity cause Donald to contemplate retirement again?

Everything is sunshine and rainbows after winning the Super Bowl, but what will be Donald’s reaction be when things get tough next season. If he truly is already thinking about retirement, maybe his drive through all of the endless workouts and sacrifices has waned.  The adage that nothing is more destructive to success than success itself may be at play here. Can Aaron Donald remain hungry after tasting Super Bowl success?

The thought of retirement doesn’t simply go away. Whether it will always be in Donald’s mind going forward, or simply the shadowy fear of LA Rams fans that re-appears to unrelated and random events, who can say? After accomplishing so much in his NFL career, it is tough to find that motivation to keep grinding. It will be interesting to see if Donald is all in for next season, or will this rumor resurface whenever it’s time to extend a contract?

Stay tuned…

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