LA Rams rumors over Tyrann Mathieu heating up, not going away

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LA Rams Rumors Tyrann Mathieu
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So rumors have begun to link the chance that the LA Rams could sign coveted DB Tyrann Mathieu. At first, it was simply a waft of smoke. Now? It’s safe to say that we’ve got some glowing embers on these rumors. And the track record with the LA Rams has been if you’re reading about it today, the team could already have been making some progress.

The latest report is emerging from Jordan Shultz, NFL Insider/Analyst of Shultz Report fame. He was one of the first to anticipate the LA Rams signing All-Pro inside linebacker Bobby Wagner. Now, he’s jumping on the Tyrann Mathieu boat and dipping his oar into the water:

Schultz is not a name-dropper, nor does he need to prod the bear for social media views.  He simply connects the dots, sometimes thanks to unique insights, that the rest of us question and wonder.

The fact is that there is more than smoke to this story. Is it an imminent deal? Perhaps not. But it’s that time of year where stories leak for reasons. Oftentimes, the source of the information is a player’s sports agent, trying to drum up more competitive offers or interest from other NFL teams, or simply to raise the ante on existing offers.

But let’s slip off our mask of professional skepticism for a moment. Sometimes the best test of validity is simply to ask the most basic of questions. Does Tyrann Mathieu make sense in the LA Rams defense? Hey, with a nickname of Honey Badger, it’s worth it just to find out, right?