Rams dream mock draft: The perfect haul for LA in 2022

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LA Rams Draft
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Okay, so the LA Rams are inching close and closer to the upcoming 2022 NFL Draft, all the while the team is still working on assembling the best roster for the upcoming season. For the team’s personnel department, the source of that talent is far less important than the acquisition of that talent.

But to the task of crafting a mock draft for an NFL team, it’s imperative to know what the team is doing, what needs they are filling via free agency, and which needs will be addressed via the NFL Draft. Why? Simply stated, you can’t get blood out of a turnip.  What do we mean by that? Well, we did an article about one month ago that compared our shopping list of the LA Rams’ roster needs comparing to the talent available in the 2022 NFL Draft.

Rams Draft needs

While that exercise may have appeared to be busywork, there was a method to the madness.  First of all, it’s always vital to any draft process to list the team’s needs. That gives a chance to make corrections in the time leading up to the draft.

But perhaps just as important is the need to detail those roster needs that likely are not easily addressed in the draft.

  • Rams Need      Draft depth
  1.    I – IOL                  I- OLB
  2.    II – ILB                 II – WR
  3.    III – DB (CB)       III – CB
  4.    IV – OLB             IV – OT
  5.    V – OT                 V – IOL

Additional needs:
Needs – DT, S, RB, QB          Available – RB, TE, ILB, QB

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For example, you can tell by the extracted needs vs. draft depth below that the LA Rams were unlikely to find viable inside linebacker talent in their range of Day 3 picks. With that in mind, their signing of FA ILB Bobby Wagner suddenly takes on far more logic than just adding another NFL star to the roster.