Rams dream mock draft: The perfect haul for LA in 2022

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LA Rams Draft Jordan Stout
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With the 254th selection of the 2022 NFL Draft

In the seventh round, the LA Rams select

Penn State University. JordanStout. player. 806. Next Hekker?. P. 8. NFL Draft Profile

The choice is a wise one. Of course, everyone wants Matt Araiza, but in my mock draft, he came off the board before the LA Rams ever picked.  The Rams had a difficult choice, with both Jordan Stout and Ryan Stonehouse on the board. I chose Stout, and here’s why.

"‘They’re telling me that they would love for me to be the next Hekker. That’s the greatest compliment you can get as a punter’ – Jordan Stout as per Pro Football Network.com’s Oliver Hodgkinson"

Who compared Stout to Hekker? I’d like to believe that it was someone from the LA Rams organization, which tells me that they would certainly hold Stout in the highest regard. While he may not boast the strongest leg in the NCAA, I believe that a point could be made about his possessing the best punter’s ‘touch’ in college.

LA Rams 2022 NFL Draft Big Board for punters? Yes, punters. light. Must Read

I really did not know what to expect with the LA Rams’ last pick of the 2022 NFL Draft. Some of the options I was looking for was a running back. Perhaps an offensive lineman? Even a wide receiver?  But in the end, the option to add one of the two best punters from a draft class that will have plenty of big leg options seemed like the way to go.

And it was the fact that the comparison to Johnny Hekker is pretty solid. If the Rams could somehow reset the clock and re-add another Johnny Hekker to their special teams unit, would that not feel like the finishing touch to this roster in some ways?

Well, we called this a dream mock draft for good reason. At the end of this one, the only true ‘need’ for the team seems to be the depth that can arrive by solid undrafted rookie signings after the draft. What do you think? Did we miss a key position in this draft? Let us know in the comments section.

And thank you for giving this mock draft a full read to the end.