The LA Rams 2021 NFL Draft rewind: Didn’t deliver just yet

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Round 4, pick 117

The LA Rams remained on the defensive side of the ball with their next pick, and that made plenty of sense. The Rams’ defensive line had lost some veteran talent, and the team had not invested much in the group by way of the NFL Draft.  That all changed with the 2021 NFL Draft, as the front office would add not just one, but two defensive linemen, to the roster.

It was a needed investment. The Rams had lost DE Morgan Fox via free agency and traded away Michael Brockers for salary cap circumstances. Coach Henderson can coach up players, but even Jesus needed jugs of water to transform into wine. Henny needs talented prospects to develop into NFL players.

Our original assessment

"Armed with a hungry heart to smash, shed and tackle, Brown is a very accomplished and dangerous interior defensive lineman. In fact, Brown (6.21 grade per managed 5.5 quarterback sacks in just nine games in 2020. When you play in the South Eastern Conference (SEC), you’re doing more than just playing against the top collegiate competition. You’re playing with the Big Dawgs, the minor leagues of the NFL. Brown was named first-team All-SEC. And when Brown balled out in the SEC, he got himself drafted. The Rams just snagged one of the top four-rated defensive tackles in the entire draft. He’s the envisioned replacement (upgrade?) for the now-departed Michael Brockers. And this one has the stamp of approval from new defensive coordinator Raheem Morris, who seems to have a particular penchant for the combination of beefiness and length. And for reasons that have everything to do with leverage, Brown has 34 3/4 inch pythons. Draft Grade: A"

Our revised assessment

While there was a lot of thunder from the arrival of defensive lineman, Bobby Brown III, the rain never seemed to fall. Of course, a rookie’s chances of earning significant playing time for a Super Bowl Champion roster are simply not very favorable, and the Rams’ surge in performance from both A’Shawn Robinson and Greg Gaines made the chance even more remote.

Standing 6-foot-4 and weighing an estimated 325 pounds (the LA Rams website transposed the 3 and the 2 for 235 pounds?), Brown did see limited action on the football field, both in special teams play on coverage units, and in a smattering of defensive snaps.

A fourth-round line of scrimmage player should make significant strides in his off-season, particularly when playing for the LA Rams. I believe that he will stick to that development track, and become far more integrated into the rotation for the 2022 rotation.

Originally, we believed Brown would find a way onto the football field. Unfortunately, his role never seemed to grow past special teams contributor in 2021. So his development will take a bit more time. We still hold out hope for a solid starter.

Draft Grade: B-